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Our Story

We are two 18 year old detailers . Emmanuel and Bruno living in Yolo county. We take our detailing service's very seriously. We want the best finish for your car !

Our mission at Manny Details is simple: Our mission is to value our customers to the highest value and a lot of care to your vehicle with the best prices in my Area yolo county. There is no better feeling to  us when our clients are happy with our work !


 Manny Details
The worst thing is to have a dirty car. My outside and inside used to be the dirtiest. The exterior needed serious paint correction because the paint was mostly messed up and damaged up. I resurrected my vehicle and went on to become a detailer! It looked brand new after I applied a paint correction and the gold package. We value our clients to the highest value because There's no better feeling to us when our clients are happy with the finished work ! 

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